Uno+DHT11(Temp Sensor), PC Data Logging

Hello All,

I am very new to Arduino and to circuits in general. Last night, I was able use a breadboard, Arduino Uno and DHT11 Temp sensor to produce a serial output every second or so on my PC.

It looks something like this:

Humidity: x%, Temp: y*C

I would like to somehow log this data and include the time+date for each entry. I don’t yet want to spend money on a shield, so how can I do this on a PC? I’d also like to be able to add more temp sensors in the future, and maybe a water meter pulse/hall effect counter.

Thanks in advance for your advice,

Gregory from Maine

download a serial terminal program like putty.exe it is free and can write all what is received to a log file. - -

There are many other terminal-progs that can capture the data too (even better).

Then you need to keep a pc running all the time. Costs electricity ]:) You can buy a simple sd card reader for a couple of dollars on ebay. (I bought one from Hong Kong, for less then 4$ including shipping.) Hook that up to your Arduino and log to the sd card.