uno dimensions

I am in need of official dimension information for the arduino uno board. I am currently developing a pc board which uses the uno board as the central processor and have not been able to become confident of the existing design because when I measure the uno board in my hands, the dimensions are so far off from documents published on the web and the cad file from your website only shows an outline, which is also inaccurate. After searching (oh yea thanks for the Malware and web freezes during my search from 2 of your users) google I came across 2 drawings that appear to match my unit but NONE of them reference the Pin headers to any reference point in particular the mounting holes.

I realize the possibility that I do not have an up to date edition because we purchased it through Radio Shack which probably had it on the shelf for over a year.

Our whole design pivots around this unit and we cannot proceed until we have accurate information. Not to mention the hours I have spent cost more than the unit is worth at this point.


o_o how do you google "Arduino Uno Diagram" and find two pieces of malware without finding any diagrams? When I searched that just now, the images tab was filled with diagram after diagram, most of which look right and agree with eachother.

The parts that are standard are the holes, and the headers. I'm not confident the rest of the dimensions are constant between different versions - You can't count on anything other than the header positions (and maybe the useless screw holes - why useless? They're too close to parts and header, can't use them!) on the clones.

There are a couple of Eagle libraries floating around with the holes and the pin header (for making shields). I think I used Sparkfun's one for the shield I made.

I would recommend considering a custom board, though - there's nothing magic on the Uno board, all the parts are common, and they made some dubious design decisions. You could probably do better with a custom board that didn't involve an Uno at all.

This one seems to cover everything but the diameter(s) of the mounting holes:

This one seems to cover everything but the diameter(s) of the mounting holes

The mounting hole diameter is written under "PCB outside dimensions". It's 125mil. (1/8", 3.175mm)

So now:- "This one seems to cover everything". :slight_smile: