Uno port undetected in windows 10 usb 3.0

Hello everyone, I'm sorry for my bad English.
I already test the Arduino Uno on PC windows 7 with usb 2.0, and everything (lights on, port &COM showed up, the port in IDE detected) goes well.

Last week I tried to connect Uno to my new laptop. Uno port went undetected in that laptop, with windows 10 and usb 3.0., there was no sound, no port&com detected in device manager, also in IDE
But the yellow and green light in Arduino is on with static light,
my Uno chip series is something like MEGA1602.

I read several solutions from anywhere and tried but still nothing work.
I installed the newest version of Arduino IDE (windows app, zip, windows xp and up)
I've tried to add port&com in the device manager manually and update the driver from the Arduino IDE driver folder,
Installing the CH340 and CH341 driver,
change the cable - serial port (printer cable),

did I miss something? do you have any clue about this kind of problem?
thankyou for your attention

This is a known issue for not just Arduino.

USB 3.0 issues

As far as the USB side of things there is more than enough documented evidence if you take time to search a little.
The reason this aspect seems random is because there are so many factors involved all of which you can find with a little reading.

Quick outline is

  1. "Chipset used" There are a lot of vendors of USB 3.0 chipsets.

  2. "Ages of chipset" As chipsets are developed and updated even slight changes from the vendor could result in working chipsets not working on some peripherals.

  3. "USB 3.0 speeds" not all chipsets and vendors are created equal in this respect and some rely on other components sub systems on a motherboard to make up the differences.

  4. Arduinos are not designed as such to work at or on USB 3.0 speeds but depend more on the supposed compatibility of USB which is supposed to have "backward compatibility to USB 2.0 (see 1. 2. 3. above)
    USB 3.0 is known to cause issues quite quite a few boards including the 101 depending on its implementation and chipset.

  5. AVOID "Microsoft driver updates" at all cost and not just for USB related items. Video cards especially Nvidia are often changed by MS and may result in some unstable aspects. ALWAYS get your latest drivers from the manufacturers web site..

Mine will not work at all with USB 3.0 yet if I place a USB 2.0 powered hub between the board and the computer it works fine.

I would presume you have also tried another cable just to be sure.
If you look in the USB port USB 3.0 usually have a BLUE plastic tab compared to USB 2.0 which can be white or black.

Check the specifications for your model of computer, motherboard or laptop is the most reliable method

Other method which is to check in Device Manager under windows and expand the section for "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" and see if there is anything for USB 3.0 ROOT or HUB.

Please don’t say anything along the lines of “but all these should be standard and backward compatible” or ”I have read the specifications”
Those are simply recommendation’s and not every manufacturer follows them to the letter.


Thanks for the information,
So I guess the best option for me now is to try to connect the Arduino Uno using the USB 2.0 hub powered in the USB 3.0 socket. Wish me luck, tomorrow I will update the result for my case

The hub should preferable have its own PSU.

Some people have reported success with those that use two USB ports (splitter) one for power and the other for the data but I am not a fan of those myself.