Uno R3 pinouts and jumpers

On the R3 I have, there is a 6 contact pinout for the ICSP programmer that is to program the onboard chip. These are in the form of jumper pinning. I haven't found any documentation on programming the chip yet, but there is also a set of 6 contact pinouts in the same type of jumper pinning, except they are above the AREF and next to the Digital SDA and SCL pins. Some of the documentation I found says that these are ICSP for programming the USB, but that doesn't make any sense, unless you want to change the serial bus.
I was wondering if these were jumper pins to "enable" and "disable" SDA-SCL, because I remember something about the difference between dedicated circuits and non dedicated circuits, and it said "sometimes you have to enable it by adding or removing a jumper or bridging contacts" ??

The reference to the ones by the AREF pins is here (they connect to the ATMEGA16U2):

Look at the schematic of post #2 carefully and observe the following:

ICSP (In Circuit/System Serial Programming Port) Connector near the AREF-pin is connected with SPI Port of the UART/USB converter chip for the programming of the converter.

ICSP Connector located near the Atmega328P MCU is connected with the SPI Port of the MCU for the programming of other MCUs by the ATmega328P/uploaded driver of the UNO Board.

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