unplugging arduino

i am totally newbie to microcontrollers and arduino so sorry for my stupidest question ever, but is it ok to directly unplug arduino from computer? I mean is there anyway to unpower it then remove, or just unplug directly? i don’t want to damage my new toy :slight_smile:

Just unplug it, like you used to be able to do with computers before hard drives and operating systems. It’s OK.

The main reason you can’t unplug you computer at the wall is you might be half way through writing some very important information to permanent memory, in which case only half of it will be finished. chances are it won’t do anything although its likely some files will be corrupted, worst case is some important files get corrupted ( for example some code for your OS which means it doesn’t come on anymore ).

The same thing is true of USB sticks - if you’re brave get an old drive and try pulling it out writing to it. your computer will moan a bit and when you plug it back in the usb stick will be corrupted and need formatting

The rule is: if you’re writing to permanent memory make sure you don’t loose power halfway through or you could corrupt that memory. How important that memory is dictates how bad the outcome will be.

Although it won’t damage it, I still wouldn’t unplug the arduino while its writing stuff to permanent memory, this could be:

uploading a new bootloader to your arduino

uploading a new program to it

your program uploads to some other external storage that it will need later ( depending on your program and how it handles writing to permanent mem will dictate how bad this will be )