How do I remove arduino safely?

Hello to everybody! I have a simple question, how can I remove Arduino from the computer safely? I searched in discussions but have not found anything. If there is any similar discussion that I missed please post it!

Good luck to all!

Well, personally I just unplug it... It isn't like a flash drive or hard disk where data could be cached waiting to be written to the drive.

I like to unplug the cable from the PC first, but I think the USB connector design really precludes that being an issue.

Thank's for reply! I was afraid of frying the card. Goodbye!

Anything is possible, but as others have said, simply unplug.. I think the way the "B" connector is designed, the D+/D- pins disconnect first before the +5/GND pins. (though, depends on the manufacturer of the plug, or cable.) That's not saying it cannot get a static zap, so ALWAYS tap your fingers to the side of the computer case just for good measure. ::) (If it's a laptop, any metal connection, Monitor socket, etc.)

The Arduino doesn't draw excessive current, so it shouldn't arc like a heavy draw electrical connection..