Upload images and/or new project file to the nextion via Arduino

I would like to know if there are any ways of uploading image to Nextion from Arduino or if it is not an option changing the whole Nextion project with the one that has images that I want via Arduino. Sorry for not providing any code, I am fairly new to the Nextion.
Btw, I am using This library but could not find what I want.
Thanks for the help.

To the best of my knowledge the only way to upload an image is through the Nextion IDE, which means either using an SD card or through the serial port.

This might be useful to you: Using Nextion displays with Arduino

Note that in all the time I have been on this forum I've yet to read a comment from anyone praising the official Nextion library.

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I've just seen your other post, please do not post the same question in 2 places. I have removed your other post.

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Thank you for the reply and sorry for posting same question twice.

What I was trying to ask is that if it is possible for Arduino to get images from a web server for example and send and/or set it as a background to Nextion. Like setting a text field.

Sorry if it was not clear in original question. Thank you for replies.

The origin of the images is not important, what matters is how you can get them on to the Nextion display. As far as I know the only way is to include them when you design the layout of the Nextion configuration using the Nextion IDE. There is no way to change them or upload them other than in the configuration.

Now you could say that as it is possible to change the images by editing the Nextion configuration in the IDE and uploading the change via the serial port then it must be possible to get another program other than the IDE program to do the same. I would agree with that, but I personally would not know where to start and I have never read anything by anyone who has done this.

What you see in the Nextion instruction set is what you can do. If it's not in the instruction set then you can't do it easily.

I put my Nextion display in a box and then I realized that I could no longer get to the connector. So I made an option in a menu to turn my Arduino Uno in pass-through mode. That way I can use the Nextion Editor on my computer and upload it via the Arduino Uno to the display.

Using a Arduino Uno with AltSoftSerial to the Nextion display at 38400 baud, which is very slow to upload. After that I have to reset the Arduino.

  while( true)
    if( Serial.available())
      nexSerial.write( Serial.read());
    if( nexSerial.available())
      Serial.write( nexSerial.read());

But perhaps that is not about your question.

If you have a ESP32 or a Arduino with a SD card and want to upload a image, then you should look at the instruction set: https://nextion.tech/instruction-set/.
If it is not in the instruction set, then it has not been made public.

I do not fully understand the instruction set. It has cryptic notes, such as: "should be skipped if not fully understood".


hi Koepel, I am interested in what you write, I would like to upload a project to Nextion from ESP32, I was thinking of uploading it with OTA and sending it to the nextion, if your code does that could you please share it?

Hi, the code that I showed is all there is. It connects the computer to the Nextion via the Arduino board.
I suppose that you want to send a file via OTA to the ESP32 and then upload that file to the Nextion ? I have not tried such a thing yet.

yes, it was just what I had in mind, it would be nice to be able to do it without removing the Nextion from the box to access the sd