Uploading code on Arduino Pro Mini with FTDI USB To TTL Serial IC Adapter

Hello everyone!
I'm trying to upload a code that I already tested on an Arduino Uno board on an Arduino Pro Mini.
I'm having troubles with this programmer

and I think the problem is related to drivers.
I read somewhere that most recent drivers don't work (I don't know why) and to try to install an older version.
I found my driver on this site
but the stuff didn't work nor with the last version 2.12.28 and an older one 2.08.24.

The problem is that the device doesn't even get a "COM" name and can't be seen by the Arduino IDE...
on my device manager, I get an error when I try to upgrade the drivers that basically says "Windows found drivers but there was an error during installation" and also "The specified service was signed to be delated" (or something like this, but I can't really tell what it means!)

I'd like to completely reset the "history" behind this device because things got worst when I uninstalled it!

What can I do? I found on the net that I can upload my code by using my Arduino Uno, but I think it is a risky process and I don't want to compromise it!

thanks so much!