URGENT HELP REQUIRED- Angle measurement device with app integration

Hello everyone! Firstly, I’d like to apologise in advance for the long post, but I am in serious need of help. I am currently working on a project to design a novel wearable device which will act as a calisthenics training aid for the purpose of measuring the angle of the user when performing a specific skill. It will inform the user via a feedback mechanism when the desired angle has been achieved. However, I have no electronics nor coding experience, so I am unsure how to go about this project using Arduino. Below is a brief description of how I hope for the device to function:

  • The device will be used to Measure the angle of the body positioning in relation to the ground

  • When the device is activated, the user will be able to connect their phone via Bluetooth to the wearable device and data will be stored and tracked through a custom-made app. When the app is connected, the user will have a series of options for things to do. A button is pressed on the device which initiates recording and pressed again to stop recording. Once recording has finished, data is sent to the app which the user can replay, save or delete etc. Saved data can then be viewed at a later time and appears as a simple animation representing the user’s angular movement. A program will need to be written to communicate that the sensor must now begin tracking the angle at which the wearable is rotating at until it reaches a predefined angle to which the program will state that once it has hit “X” degrees and begins to approach within 1-5 degrees of the desired angle, the vibrating motor will begin to work and increase in intensity (more pulses) to which it will stay vibrating until it is no longer at that angle (feedback mechanism).

  • An IMU sensor will be used which will need to be programmed so it can communicate and send data to the app which can then be stored and tracked by the user at a later time. The user should be able to input additional target angles for which, once the device is oriented at that angle it starts to vibrate as explained above.

Would anyone be able to assist me or point me in the right direction on how to go about this project? Any help would be appreciated!

P.S. thank you for taking time out to read this.

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