USB Hardware Design For Arduino

Hi All. I am trying to design my own Arduino board. For the purpose of my project I am to change the usual USB mini port of the Arduino with an original USB port that you find on your regular laptop as well. My only concern is would that need any modifications in terms of hardware electronics? I am attaching a screen shot of my current schematic with a mini USB port. Basically, I will just change the input port and nothing more, right?

Thanks in advance

Yes and no.

The schematic is easy. Yes.

If you read up on the USB standard and best practices for laying out USB traces on a PCB, it's very complex. Without seeing the PCB, nobody can say if your design will work. So no.

It sounds like you want to put a USB "A" port on the Arduino. Do you already have the A-to-A cable? They are pretty rare because the standard forbids plugging an A into an A, even though such devices do exist.

Thanks for your reply. The final product will be communicating with an Android device, so the cable would be USB C to USB A.

If you want to connect an Android device to an Arduino board, you should look at the technical info on this page.

Yes, a USB Host controller is needed.

Maybe try one of the eval boards first, see how you make out with programming for it. I think both suppliers offer libraries for it.

Also try

Thanks for your reply. The host will be the android device. I am merely using USB A female port because of it's shape.

The host will be the android device.

Then you have to do things to make it so, read this:-

Androids have host controllers? I thought they were just USB slaves, like a memory stick.