USB host shield to retrieve data

Hi, For my project is have an microchip that puts data on the USB port. The data is 8x64 bytes.
That data must then be retrieved from the USB bus and send to my PC (via SerialPort of the arduino uno).
(In the future SerialPort will be replaced by a WiFi-module)
To retrieve the data again i will use an arduino uno together with the USB Host shield.
Online i found some examples with this library: GitHub - felis/USB_Host_Shield_2.0: Revision 2.0 of USB Host Library for Arduino..
When I test one of the examples (USBHIDBootMouse) everything works.
But the examples are really complicated. I don't understand how i can use one for my project.
Has anyone a small example or a tip? Any help is welcome.

Get a book about USB.

USB has been a difficult subject for embedded developers. The specification has been influenced by software professionals. Most embedded developers come from the hardware side and understand everything about voltages and currents but the language used for software is often confusing e.g., endpoints, descriptors, HCI, HID, Host, device, ... .

That is why you still see UARTs being used everywhere in Arduino projects. You push a byte in on one side and it comes out at the other. You can even look at the physical layer and find all bits. Try that with USB.

Thank you!
I think i will change USB to UART :wink:

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