USB Serial to HID

Hi guys, Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Mods, please move this if wrong

Unimportant, but slightly relevant Background As an early christmas present i've been given a cheap uno r3 clone (this one in fact) Now, I can easily get it working just like any other uno R3. So I'm happy with it. Pity I'd asked for a Leonardo, but hay, never look a gift horse in the mouth, aye?

Relevant bit Does anyone know of a reliable piece of software that can take a serial input, and convert it into a HID input for windows?

I've had a google, and think I might be looking for the wrong thing :/ thanks


What does you mean with "and convert it into a HID input for windows?"

HID (Human Interface Device) In the specific case I'm working on at the moment, I'm sending key codes over the serial, and I'm looking for software that can listen on the serial port, and then tell the OS (windows) that a key has been pressed.

At the moment, I'm sending hex keycodes, and what I need to do, is on my computer convert them into keystrokes...



Advanced Serial Data Logger has a plugin that can emulate keyboard keystrokes but it can’t emulate HID.

hours (days) of googling have finally lead to an answer, here belive it or not. Here qubit has posted some software that seems to do what I want. will have to wait till I get back to my arduino laptop (an old laptop that if I run anything more than a web brouser and arduino IDE seems to die) to test it :)