USB-to-Serial Bridge - µUSB-PA5-I: How to connect to Sparkfun ESP8266 Thing

I know this isn't directly related to Arudino but it seems people are more active over here than the Sparkfun forums so I thought i'd ask here. Hello, I'm really new to this so I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this. So I recently got a Sparkfun ESP8266 and found out that I need a USB-to-Serial converter. My teacher gave my a µUSB-PA5-I he had lying around and told me to use this to program my Sparkfun ESP8266. However I don't know which pins on the µUSB-PA5-I connect to which pins on the ESP8266. I was connecting them like so RX -> RX1, TX -> TX0, GND -> GND, DTS ->, CTS - > NC, and 5v to VIN. If someone could help my figure out the correct connection pin layout that would be very helpful. Thank for taking the time to read this.

You were close. Here are the correct connections:

µUSB-PA5-I | Thing


The reason for the RX-TX, TX-RX connection is that RX stands for "receive" and TX stands for "transmit".

Thank you so much for the reply it really helped. However do I still have to connect the CTS pin to the NC pin or do I not need it in order from the Serial Bridge to connect up to my ESP8266. Once again thank you for replying.

You don't need to connect the CTS pin. NC means "not connected", so it makes no difference whether you connect CTS to it or not.

Thank you for clearing that up for me. I ran into another problem, this time uploading my code. Whenever I try to upload it I get this error message.

warning: espcomm_sync failed
error: espcomm_open failed
error: espcomm_open failed

Now I think it has something to do with my wiring because I think I didn’t wire up everything correctly. Here is a circuit of how I wired it up. If you or anyone could please point out my mistakes and lead my in the right direction I would most appreciate it. I would ask my teacher for help but he’s also doesn’t know how to wire it up.

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