Use Arduino to program GAL22V10B

So I have a couple gal22v10b ics that I'd like to use as some control logic in a breadboard computer I'm building. The only problem is that I don't have a programmer for them, and a universal programmer like this one would cost $50. Now $50 isn't too much money, but I already have an arduino uno, and I don't think that it would be too hard to program the GALs with that right? How might I go about that?

Read the GAL22V10B datasheet and see what is required. Those are nice fast parts that we used to use for glue logic back in the late 80s/early 90s.
What do you have for GAL22V10 program development software? Might have to go to Lattice Semiconductor site to get the PC software.
"After you complete your logic design and create a programming file with the Lattice Diamond/ispLEVER Classic development tools, you can use Diamond Programmer or ispVM™ System software ispVM™ System software or Diamond Programmer to program devices on your board. The ispVM System/Diamond Programmer software automatically generates the appropriate programming commands, programming addresses and programming data based on information stored in the programming file and parameters you set in Diamond Programmer/ispVM System. Programming signals are then generated from the USB or parallel port of a PC and directed through the Programming Cable to the device. No additional components are required for programming."
Pretty sure you will spend a lot more then $50 worth of time building a programming adapter to interface with the output of the PC and the timing/voltages needed for the GAL.

Maybe this one?

Beats $595 for this one

"GAL devices are programmed using a Lattice Semiconductor approved
Logic Programmer, available from a number of manufacturers
(see the the GAL Development Tools section). Complete
programming of the device takes only a few seconds. Erasing
of the device is transparent to the user, and is done automatically
as part of the programming cycle."