Use of straight key.

Hi members;

I do have define the straight key operation
I like to see on the LCD what I type.
So I have enabled "straight key echo option"
But after done this I do receive a error message,something like the straight key operation is not declared ?
I do have to take a new look afte rcompiling what the exact failure was but it will be in thi sorder
I presume he do not recognize this function .
I hope someone could me point in the good direction about this failure ..
Kindly regards Jean .

I have enabled "straight key echo option"

Where have you done this ?

Please post the code that you are using and details of the libraries, hardware and circuit of your project

I am busy with the K3NG CW keyer project at The K3NG Arduino CW Keyer – Radio Artisan
I do have enable next commands for a straight key use.


After a compilie I do receive next failure message,by enabling FEATURE_STRAIGHT_KEY_ECHO:

if (cli_straight_key_echo){display_scroll_print_char(convert_cw_number_to_ascii(decode_character));}

Kindly refgards Jean.

Failure has been found..

#define command_mode_line_ interpreter must be ENABLED otherwise STRAIGHT_KEY_ECHO does not work,or formed characters and signs are not visible on LCD display !!!

Thanks to all users for lot of replys ...

Regards Jean .