User Review of IDE 2.0.0_rc3

If you want to have a look at a review of the Arduino IDE version 2.0.0_rc3 I have a link here. Might just keep it going as new versions are released

Thanks so much for your valuable feedback @jerteach!

One of my colleagues shared this with me last week. Some of the items were previously reported/requested by the community. Others are unique, and I have created new issues to track those:

  1. Installing the zipped file into a sub folder.

Tracked here:

  1. Running program for the first time. Very slow to load (first time) Wants access to about 3 different things. Took about 10 minutes first time to load.

It might be that there are multiple possible causes, but there are some previous reports of similar startup durations here:

We could try to investigate this further if you like by simulating a fresh install and running the IDE from the command line to try to identify the specific processes that are taking so long.

  1. Ran my hello blink program. works fine, why does it say it is not connected?

Tracked here:

  1. When you compile/upload a program nothing tells you it is running for about 10 seconds.

Tracked here:

  1. Complaint:
    I have many, many libraries, the old version used to remember the location in the examples menu of where you were. V2.0 always puts you at the top of the examples

Tracked here:

  1. Ran one of my Machine Learning programs. Plotter works but does not show a line

There was a breaking change to the Arduino IDE 2.x Serial Plotter interface. Unfortunately, the new interface has not been documented and I don't know how it works so I'm as stumped as you about how to make this work as you intended.

For now, my advice is to avoid the use of labels.

You will get the plot if you change this line:

Serial.println("sin(" +String(x_val)+ ") = " + String(y_val) + "\t predicted: " + String(predicted) );

to this:

Serial.println(String(y_val) + "\t" + String(predicted) );

Or this if you want the input plotted:

Serial.println(String(x_val) + "\t" + String(y_val) + "\t" + String(predicted) );
  1. [...] Even if the upload button changed color that would be better than asolutely nothing happening for a while

Tracked here:

  1. [...] The problem looks like it is to do with the EdgeImpulse library, just not sure why the regular IDE can find the files.

I tried using Arduino IDE 2.0.0-rc3 to compile the sketch you suggested:

and there was no error. Are you still able to reproduce the issue @jerteach?

  1. When you unplug a programmed Portenta and then plug it back in it looks like the serial connection has not been extablished,

Tracked here:

  1. [...] Had a bit of an issue finding the latest mbed board 1.6.2 reloaded then found it.

I would take a wild guess that it was this issue:

Is that the one @jerteach?

  1. Arduino for Linux defaults to verbose mode so you can tell when your sketch is compiling.

I have not been able to reproduce this. If I do a fresh install then verbose output defaults to off, no matter what operating system I am using. That emulates the behavior of the classic Arduino IDE.

  1. Trying my "dot521 rocksetta hello ml sine" program on my Portenta pro community solutions library.
    this is not working

See my comment on (12)

  1. [...] Weird When going from the standard examples to find my library it only showed the standard examples, no other?

Tracked here:

  1. [...] it looks like you can load 2 serial monitors but they both read the same port even if one of them says it is reading the other port.

Tracked here:

This is a relatively recent regression. Before that, the Arduino IDE 2.x allowed each window to have its own isolated Serial Monitor, so that you could monitor a different port on each without needing to know the multiple instances trick that was necessary to accomplish the same thing with the classic IDE.

Feedback is always welcome.

Just logged in and saw this. Thanks @ptillisch for taking the time to organise this reply. This is basically why I am making my new Robotics Machine Learning class with Arduino and not some of the clones I have used for years, Arduino actually cares about user feedback.

Jeremy Ellis

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