Optimization of the program start

When I start IDE 2.0, nothing happens for about 10 seconds. Impatient people often start such a program several times.
Suggestion for improvement (recommended by many software experts):

  • Start a splash screen or a graphic as soon as possible.
  • Long initializations are then possible without the user becoming impatient.
  • Something moves (e.g. rotates) optimally on the splash screen.

Today IDE 2.0 set a new record for me: It took 32 seconds for the big logo to appear.

Do you run it from a mechanical hard disk? What CPU do you have?

My fairly old laptop with the i5-6200U CPU and an SSD starts the IDE 2.0 rc3 quite fast.
(5s until splash screen and at 20s the editor is fully loaded with the last sketch)

Similar experience as @RudolfAtRTC. Fairly old CPU (however no slough) Windows 10, very average mechanical hard drive.

Start after overnight shutdown (Windows cashing cleared) takes about 30 seconds to show splash and then another minute before displaying last used sketch and ready for editing. If shut down and restarted splash in about 5 seconds and ready after another 30 seconds.

Using File->Open takes about 25 seconds before ready (thankfully we are spared the splash when using Open).