Optimization of the program start

When I start IDE 2.0, nothing happens for about 10 seconds. Impatient people often start such a program several times.
Suggestion for improvement (recommended by many software experts):

  • Start a splash screen or a graphic as soon as possible.
  • Long initializations are then possible without the user becoming impatient.
  • Something moves (e.g. rotates) optimally on the splash screen.

Today IDE 2.0 set a new record for me: It took 32 seconds for the big logo to appear.

Do you run it from a mechanical hard disk? What CPU do you have?

My fairly old laptop with the i5-6200U CPU and an SSD starts the IDE 2.0 rc3 quite fast.
(5s until splash screen and at 20s the editor is fully loaded with the last sketch)

Similar experience as @RudolfAtRTC. Fairly old CPU (however no slough) Windows 10, very average mechanical hard drive.

Start after overnight shutdown (Windows cashing cleared) takes about 30 seconds to show splash and then another minute before displaying last used sketch and ready for editing. If shut down and restarted splash in about 5 seconds and ready after another 30 seconds.

Using File->Open takes about 25 seconds before ready (thankfully we are spared the splash when using Open).

Similar situation here, but with RC5,
Intel Core i7 @1.5Ghz
16Gb Ram

And it takes forever (more than three minutes)

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me too

first to say: I love the new IDE2.00 rc6 - but it´s a pitty: it takes some minutes to start an editor

Some reports of unexpectedly long startup times are tracked here:

As someone who does a lot of beta testing, which seems to often consist of restarting the Arduino IDE over and over again, I know very well the pain of starting at that teal splash screen for what seems like an eternity. But my startup time is on the order of seconds, not minutes. My PC is nothing extraordinary, mostly running Windows (which has historically been the poorest performing OS), and with an unusually large number of sketches, libraries, and boards platforms installed for it to churn through.

The developers are also not afflicted with these mysteriously long startup times.

So it could definitely be helpful if the community can determine what is different with their system to cause the unexpected results.

You might get some insight by running the Arduino IDE from the command line and then checking the output that is printed by it there for anything significant. I can provide instructions if needed. Just let me know and also your operating system.

ok, if I could help with anything /any information / I would like to do so.
IDE-start: from 1 to 3 minutes
Using WIN10 professional on Lenovo Thinkcentre


OK, I'll go ahead and provide you with the instructions for running the Arduino IDE 2.x from the command line on Windows in order to have easy access to the output:

  1. Start Windows "File Explorer".
  2. Open the Arduino IDE installation folder
    (usually C:\Program Files\Arduino IDE or C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Programs\Arduino IDE).
  3. In the folder listing of the Arduino IDE installation folder, hold the Shift key while clicking the right hand button on the mouse.
  4. From the context menu, click "Open PowerShell window here".
    PowerShell will now open with the current directory set to the Arduino IDE installation folder.
  5. Type the following command:
    & ".\Arduino IDE"
  6. Press the Enter key.
    Debug output should now be printed to the PowerShell window as the Arduino IDE operates.

You can keep an eye on the output to see if there is anything of potential interest around the time of the slow startup.

Please let me know if you have any questions or problems while following those instructions.

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