Using 0-80 kHz ultrasonic microphone to log data onto SD card

Dear Arduino-fellows,

I have kind of a specialized project for that I'd like to record sound scapes in the nature including sounds from a bat that are generated at around 40 kHz. Normal microphones just go up to 20kHz.

I've read some DIY projects for logging audio recordings to an SD card including this one:

Finding a microphone up to 20kHz:

and amplifier circuits is not a problem I think:

There are MEMS microphones that extend to the ultrasonic window:

Right now, I'm not sure how I should realize logging such high frequency spectra over an analog pin to an SD card. Could you lend me a hand there?

Best and thank you!

You will need to read the A/D at least twice the 80 KHz frequency. Do you have an Arduino that can do that and store the results?