Using Arduino Pro Mini and 2.4" TFT 8 Bit ILI9341

First of all I want to apologise if anything I ask is silly.
I am Mech. Engg. and have no idea about the arduino , so a little help would be highly appreciated.

I recently bought

  1. M167 Pro Mini Atmega328 3.3V 8Mhz
  2. 2.4" TFT 8 Bit ILI9341 with shield 5.5 V
  3. PKCELL LP503035 3.7V 500mAh Battery
  4. CP2102 USB to TTL serial port converter module+ Arduino Programmer
  5. M/M jumper wires
  6. F/F jumper wires
  7. Breadboard

Actually I am working on a small arduino project in which I can connect two arduinos just to transfer data from one to other(Data as in simple numeric values, nothing big).

But 1st of all I want to connect this TFT with Arduino but have no idea how to make connections.

I have uploaded the pics of components.

Help from you guys/girls will be highly appreciated.

Thank You in Advance :slight_smile:

The TFT screen that you have is a shield, designed for 5V, while you have a 3V3 uC. It also does not use the standard ILI9341 pins. This does not look good, but it may work. The website is and Google Translate does not provide any information or links to anything that may help. Are you sure that it is using a ILI9341? The pin names look very similar to a regular LCD display, see this website for what I mean. If I were you, I would return it (if possible) and get a better-documented LCD. Did any documents come with the LCD?

In another forum post, someone posted this code, which looks like it will work. Nevermind, if you search for “mcufriend” in the Library Manager, there is a library designed exactly for your LCD. You will need to connect LCD_WR (you don’t need RD) to A1, LCD_RS to A2, LCD_CS to A3, and LCD_RST to A4. If you want to modify the code, then you can connect LCD_RST to A0 and change it in code, then you don’t have to solder to those tiny A4 & A5 pins. Then, connect LCD_D2-D7 to digital pins 2-7 respectively, then connect D0 and D1 to 8 & 9 on your Arduino. If you care about SD cards, then connect SD_SS to 10, SD_DI to 11, SD_DO to 12, and SD_SCK to 13. The included code can do LCD, but for SD, use the example SD code, changing chipSelect to 10.

_9341uno.ino (7.64 KB)

Just a warning: you may want logic level shifters, because your Arduino might not trigger the LCD, or the LCD might try to feed 5V into your Arduino, and that will probably involve magic smoke.

First of all a big Thank You for replying. I can make the connections. But can you tell me how to connect the battery with the arduino?

The battery can probably be connected to the RAW pin. You can also use a battery recharger, which will allow you to use your project and charge it at the same time. I believe you have built in protections - look in the kapton tape. Do you see a PCB? Otherwise, you can drain the battery too low and destroy it.