Using Arduino with Labview

Hi, I was looking at my school and I sew a project using the Arduino UNO with LABVIEW, unfortunately there was nobody to ask if he was just acquiring data, or in fact all the program was made with labview and the arduino was working fine with it. I think that all the program was with LabView. Last time I check (lmonths ago) that wasn't possible in any easy way, but now is possible?

I'm sure the arduino was at least aquiring data because If i move a knob that movement was simulated in the computer interface while labview was runing.

This could be important for me because I'm learning LabView but I dont have any DAQ to use with real components and if arduino can, it would be great.

Thank you for any information about that!!!

in fact all the program was made with labview and the arduino was working fine with it

What do you mean by this?

A quick search on Google shows it is pretty simple to communicate with an Arduino through LabView. Like any other PC-side solution, it communicates with the Virtual Serial Port.

Sorry If I wasn't clear, I'm not very good with english.

I mean: I don't know if the program was made with labview with the icons, and functions of labview, without the arduino's code.

like this:

instead of this:

A PC with labview can read/write data from a serial interface.
The arduino can read/write to the serial interface and talk to sensors and actuators

So you can build a “pipeline”

SENSOR/ACTUATOR <—> Arduino(with code) <—> serial line <—> PC(labviewcode) <—> display/mouse

minimal Arduino code

void setup()

void loop()
  int x = analogRead(A0);    // sample A0 line - with nothing attached it will give some floating values 0..1023
  Serial.println(x, DEC);
  delay(250);   // 250 millisec == ~4Hz sample rate

Hopes this helps to get you started.

Which country are you from?