Arduino Uno, LabView, Connection

Dear people! I'm a newbie to arduino, have some experience with labview... as i want to measure temperature with the uno in the end, i first made a simple setup to measure the analoge voltage input. sadly it doesn't work... i can communicate with the uno via "Arduino" software (led blink example works) but not with labview.

now i thought: is it simply because i didn't upload the right code via "Arduino" to the uno, that secures a communication between labview and uno...? if yes: where can i find this code? what is it called? i can find nowhere such a thing in all the explanations....

or have you got other ideas?

One error message, in this case from the "Analog Read Pin" Example is: LabVIEW Interface for Arduino.lvlib:Analog Read Pin.viLabVIEW Interface for A timeout occurred while trying to read form the Arduino.

Thanks for your help! Flo

I don't see much value in running arduino under LabVIEW but if you insist, go through this tutorial, which seems reasonably clear. I have labview but I don't see myself using it with arduino much.