Using Bluetooth to make hands free call or text.

I searched but only found articles on controlling an Arduino via Bluetooth.

My car presents me with a dialer keypad or I can setup predefined text msgs to be sent and this is done using Bluetooth.

Is it possible to have the arduino use Bluetooth to make a call or text like I can with my car?

If you have the programming skill and the protocol information, probably.


It's not clear from your description what you are trying to do. Certainly you can get Bluetooth modules or shields for an Arduino, but if your trying to tie that to your own phone, then you need to know what command structure your phone would need incoming from the Bluetooth. That information might be proprietary, depending on phone make.

Another alternative is to buy a GSM shield for the Arduino, and effectively build your own phone. Bluetooth isn't needed. I think it takes more like a Mega to handle that situation.

If i break it down to simplest programmatic requirement, I'd like to have a sketch that encounters a condition that triggers the cell phone via Bluetooth to send a text message or make a voice call.

Also, I'm really trying avoid having any sort of web server involvement (maintain internet connection). If you are not on a network and do not have wired or wireless NIC exposure to hacking is reduced.

What I'm thinking here is nearly all of us have old cell phones (and they are not really that old), this would allow fairly cheap and easy communication from Arduino module to outside world to reuse these. I understand that it has to have working SIM but there are some cheap options for M2M use.

I do not know maybe to try and reuse hardware on hand is not the cheapest solution.

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