using IR reflective sensor for avoid obstacles

I have 3 x Line inductive module

1 x Infrared receiver module
But when i enter this words in found on this site search mashine, it give me nothing, in spite of i make it combination by few different order.

Is't possible load here the link to this details description or just their property list or code sample for distance measuring.

I can.t find it by keywordS_ above this post and willbe very appreciate to somebody, who can show me link or some directions.

It's keyes IR_01- for distance and another is for IR remote control.
But don't find docks for it and code samples ...

ADDED LATER: the properly keyword for this board is : Reflective Infrared Sensor

it search all needed info here, so answer is closed.

1 point -[ Specification:

Size 4.3CM X1.5CM
Application Rage: product counter, liquid level detection, traffic statistics, robot design,and so on.
Signal output: 0V while object is detected. 5V while no object is detected(output mode can also be customized if neccessary).
Working Voltage: 5V
Detection range: 1 ~ 100/150/200cm (adjustable).](
2 point- Library for measuring distance using unexpensive IR reflective sensors (As CNY7)
3 point-samples with analog of my subject(not the same)


Give us a link to where you bought each of them. The picture does not allow us to identify the parts.


It was included into robots set on my avatar. THis sensor's trademark is "Keyes IR_01"
It.s looks almost like this,
Just my board has 1 pot and 3 pins.

This is look as my board, but same no docs on the seller site.

What you have is a retro reflective sensor where one is a LED and the other is a phototransistor. It works by emitting IR and sensing the reflection. It is only able to give on or off output, it will not give distance.

The other board is a basic IR remote. The receiver is connected to the Arduino and when you press a button on the remote, a decoded value is read. There are many examples in this forum. Search for "IR remote" in the search box at top of this page.


Read the description of the product.


But i would like to get samples of code to use it for distance measuring

That is not a good sensor for measuring distance. I believe it just lets you know if it senses a reflection or not. It's generally used to detect lines.

Why do you think the S-04 is broken? Did it once work then stop?


which lines are U mean?

From the link you provided:

It can be used to sense nearby reflective objects, such as following a line with a robot.

You might be able to use it to detect obstacles but I doubt it will work well. It will only indicate if it senses an obstacle, it won't let you know how far away the obstacle is. The color of the obstacle will likely affect how well it is detected.

Why do you think the S-04 is broken? Did it once work then stop?

Yes, it works from february till now, and I describe error symptoms here
I think, that it broken, because it measures distance always 0 cm now.

By the way, does somebody knows, about this sensor angle active area?

Write a simple sketch and test it yourself. Vary the adjustment and see what triggers the output.