using L298 to control Dc motor (basic)

Hello, I am trying to find a simple setup for using an Arduino Uno to control a small dc motor. I have found out that a H-bridge or shield etc. is needed. so I purchased a L298N and I have searched for schematics. I've wired everything up according to all the schematics I've found like so..

starting with just one motor

pin 1 -- nothing (current sense A) pin 2 -- nothing (Output 1) pin 3 --nothing (Output 2) pin 4 -- 9volts DC (motor supply voltage) pin 5 -- nothing (input 1) pin 6 -- nothing (enable A) pin 7 -- nothing (input 2) pin 8 -- common ground (ground) pin 9 -- 5volts from arduino (logic voltage) pin10 -- arduino pin2 (input 3) pin11 -- arduino pin3 (enable B) pin12 -- arduino pin4 (input 4) pin13 -- dc motor (output 3) pin14 -- dc motor (output 4) pin15 -- 10ohm resistor to cmn ground (current sensing B)

Could someone please let me know of a handy link that could show me the correct coding. I don't think it's as simple as setting up pinMode as OUTPUT and then digitalWrite HIGH for enable and one of the motor pins and LOW for the other motor pin.. is there other terminology I am missing? do I need to use PWM and analogWrite etc...

any help would be greatly appreciated.


You should show the actual schematic you are using, or a link if you have a shield.

Cheers, Kari

oh yes, roger..