Using Multiple JSN-SR04T-2.0 Ultrasonic Sensors Together

Has anyone used several of these sensors together? I have to design an array of ultrasonic sensors for an obstacle detection system for drones.

Also is it possible to use the analog pins on an Arduino for the Trig signal when using them in mode 1? Reason for this is I need 8 sensors wired up to 1 Arduino Uno (not enough digital IO pins for the 16 connections needed), or can I simply connect several of the trig wires to one digital pin?

Thanks in advance.

The analog input pins are by default digital inputs and can be used as such, just like any other digital input (with the exception of A6 and A7 on Nano type boards, they are analog input only). They change to analog inputs when analogRead() is called.

Trig wires need to be kept separate. One for each sensor.

As long as you fire them one by one (which you should) you may wire the echo lines together (use a diode, cathode to the Arduino, in each of them), that way only one echo at a time reaches the input pin.