Using multiple WS8212 led strips and controlling them with TFT Display --------

Hopefully in the right area. Pretty much new to Arduino. Still tinkering with them. I am looking to be able to control numerous led strip with a TFT display. I have accomplished that with one strip but am puzzled on getting the others to work. Guess my question is will an Arduino support numerous LED strips at the same time?
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Maybe. Probably. Perhaps.

Need to know what exact strips to give an any answer.
How many strips?
How many pixels, total?
What Arduino?
What library or libraries?

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RGB Neopixels

Thinking 20 per strip.

2560 Mega

As many strips as Mega will support

Standard libraries I would imagine.

Still new to all this

Do you mean NeoPixels?

If you use the FastLED library each pixel will need 3 bytes of SRAM. The Mega has 8192 bytes of SRAM.

There are 2 ways to wire for multiple strips. Make the strips daisy chained so it takes one pin to control several strips or on pin for each strip.

You should edit the title of this thread. Make it say something about using the strips that you have so that it will attract the attention of members that know about that particular subject.

Will change title - Thanks

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@al-al-al Also please don't hesitate to visit there are some implementations of this already that might teach you more about LED control.

Nicely done. Good title.

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