using temperature probe for arduino

I have a small digital fish tank thermometer. it has a waterproof probe that goes into the water.

link to item

I would really like to cut the cord off and wire it into my arduino for a temprature reading. any idea on how I would go about it?

Step 1: figure out what exact sensor that is. I wouldn't be surprised if it's an NTC for they're really cheap.

I must ask and wonder, why not these:

Cheers, Kari

I allready have it so I thought I would use it if i could. there is a picture in the link. I cut the cord and there are only two wires. red and black. that's all i know

Probably NTC. Measure resistance, see if it changes with temperature. Change from room temperature to your body temperature is likely to see a drop in temperature.

Then you can use it with an Arduino but as you know nothing about the sensor (no beta value, no nominal resistance) you're in for some careful calibrations.

Indeed, best is probably to just get a DS18B20 and be done with it.