Using TFT as a GUI - Any Examples ??

Has anyone had success with Arduino using a TFT screen as a Graphical User Interface, specifically dropping onto the screen buttons which could control an output, adding Text Boxes etc

Refer to the attached image taken from this YouTube featuring a Micromite controller from Australia

Check out the DUE gui project. I don't think there is much activity on it of late but is certainly a decent foundation for you to start with.

Thanks avr_fred I see that post is using an Arduino Due which is something I was not even aware of. I wonder how far this would go on a UNO, I need to research the provided link further....

In the meantime it is a shame this is hidden away in the "Arduino Due" & was not linked in someway to the "Displays" forum as it is an excellent development to which I'd recommend to all viewers of this post.

Regards all