Using tp4056 to charge 3.7v battery that powers Arduino Micro

Hey, so i am using a tp4056 to charge a 3.7v lipo battery that will power my Arduino Pro Micro while still being able to program using the usb on the pro micro. i have drawn a systematic (not a very good one) showing my idea that i have attached to the topic. in the schematic ive drawn a usb wtih then 4 wires exposed and the Tx, Rx and Gnd going to the usb on the pro mini then 5v from usb to the tp4056 and finaly the pro micro connected to the out ± of the tp4056. im not sure if i plug in the usb i will still be able to program the pro micro. also if you see any other issues please let me know!

ps. new to the forms so if i didn’t post in the correct area let me know.