Using V-REP to simulate an Arduino sketch

I've built an Arduino Uno robot and am now evaluating V-REP from Robot simulator CoppeliaSim: create, compose, simulate, any robot - Coppelia Robotics to see if it can help me find the right algorithm to run the robot autonomously.

Building the robot was easy, but I'm a real beginner when it comes to programming. The Arduino programming took a while but thanks to this forum, I was able to see lots of examples. I've followed a few of the V-REP tutorials albeit with mixed results. I have seen the V-REP/Arduino/Joystick video but I still have no clue as to how to "connect" my Arduino sketch to a V-REP robot like their bubbleRob.

Does anyone in this community have any experience with controlling a V-REP scene with an Arduino sketch and would you be willing to share how you did it?



i also wan to do this, :frowning:

I've now looked at V_REP and Gazebo/ROS/Morse. All are amazing. But I realize I really don't need the detail these programs provide. I'm simply looking to determine the best algorithm for steering my existing robot.

"Existing" is the key word here. I already know it can move around by remote control quite easily, so I just need to figure out the math

I now believe that RobotBasic is just the program I need. Its very simple... perfect for non programmers and its FREE.