UTFT Library for Uno and 2.4 tft/lcd shield

Hello there

I have bought an 2.4" tft/lcd shield that fits the UNO I have:

Any Idea what I have to do to start the screen working?
It worked with examples of the UTFT-Library, but now I try to write an own program and the screen is only white. When I use myGLCD.getDisplayXSize(), it gives me the right value.
What do I have to write in UTFT myGLCD()?
Or is the problem something else?

The full code:

#include <UTFT.h>
#include <URTouch.h>

// Declare which fonts we will be using

extern uint8_t arial_bold[];
extern uint8_t Inconsola[];
extern uint8_t SevenSegNumFont[];

// ILI9341
UTFT myGLCD(ILI9341_S5P,11,13,10,8,9);  // Remember to change the model parameter to suit your display module!

String xsize, ysize;

void setup()

  xsize = myGLCD.getDisplayXSize();
  ysize = myGLCD.getDisplayYSize();
  // myGLCD.setFont(Insola);


  Serial.print(xsize + " " + ysize);


void loop()
  myGLCD.drawLine(10, 10, 100, 100);


Thank you for answers!

You have an Mcufriend Uno Shield. The clue is in the

2.4" TFT LCD Shield (ili9340) http://www.mcufriend.com

printed on the pcb.

UTFT does not support any 8-bit parallel ILI9341. And UTFT does not support the shield pinout.

Install Adafruit_GFX and MCUFRIEND_kbv libraries with the IDE Library Manager.


Thank you for the fast answer.
Is there a possibility to modify the UTFT for 8-bit ILI9341?
And any manual or list of functions for the mcufriend library?

Most graphics programs use the Adafruit_GFX style of methods.
They are the same methods for circles, lines, printing text, ...

From the library README.md file:

MCUFRIEND_kbv inherits all the methods from
the Adafruit_GFX class: Overview | Adafruit GFX Graphics Library | Adafruit Learning System
and Print class: Serial.print() - Arduino Reference

If you want UTFT to support ILI9341_8 you will have to ask the Author: Henning Karlsen.
And then write all your programs to use UTFT methods.