Utrasonic sensor makes Arduino Uno power off

Hi! I got the HC-SR05 ULTRASONIC SENSOR and when I try to use it with my Uno it makes the whole Arduino crash as soon as I either put the cable from GND to arduinos GND or VCC to Arduinos 5V via a breadboard, I used this schematic but with an Uno

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Very likely the bread board is divided down the middle, including the power and ground lines. Your meter will show that. If so, jumper then together.


Still nothing, tried connecting only the ultrasonic sensor directly to the Arduino Uno and it still crashes as if it were shorted. Like this but instead of using the breadboard I hooked the power and ground directly to the Arduino :confused:

But if you just used the uno by its own it doesn't crash? If so, then your sensor is pulling more power than it should. If you just connect Vcc and gnd of the HC-SR05 and leave out the Trig and Echo, does it still crash?

So you're trying to drag power for the HC-SR05 from the Uno but you haven't said how the Uno is powered. Your diagrams show no power going to the Mega/Uno.

And what are the exact symptoms of the "crash"?


It still crashes without the echo/trig. The Arduino lights go out and it disconnects from the computer. Its powered through a usb cable to my MacBook

Yeah, then its your sensor. Maybe you habe a short on vcc and gnd. The consumption of this sensor is so little it should not crash the arduino. Maybe you can check with an multimeter if there is a short circuit.

Hm yeah I don't have one though, maybe I'll have to buy one then :slight_smile: Thanks so much for the help