UV Exposure Box

Hey everyone I am brand new to arduino’s and I am wanting to build a controller for my UV panel to work as a countdown timer. My plan is to use a rotary encoder to change my values, and move left and right. Then confirm with the button push. I was then going to add two more switches as a start, and the other as a pause/stop.

I will be using a relay to switch the panel on and off, and a buzzer will sound when the timer is done.

I will build a separate build post, but wanted to check and see if my starting hardware layout looked good. I will be back often as I start sorting out the code.

Not sure yet how I want to do the menu yet and what I want to include. I may even nix it all together.

Thanks for any input,

Analog pins can be used as digital and avoid the resistors used in the A/D setup.


Gotcha. I thought I was making it easier once I found an example of several switches on one analog pin, but realize it made it worse (saw something shiny). I will change this to separate the buttons and use two different analog pins. Thanks.

UV panel for what, PCBs?
(careful with your eyes)


It will mainly be used to etch brass tags, but will also be used for PCB's as my tinkering increases.

This all stemmed from not being able to get the toner transfer method to work well, even after many different variable changes. So this is what I settled on.

So I am in the process of fumbling through the making of my code. I am starting small and just trying to get the timer setup, and I am using this kitchen timer for the general plan:

Since I am using two buttons and a rotary encoder, I am trying to change names appropriately. Then I am flagging lines that would be repurposed with the encoder to come back and fix.

Once I get this FUBAR'd I was going to work in the rotary encoder. Then it will be getting it to print to the LCD. Finally I will tackle adding in the relay and buzzer.

Does this seem like a good plan? I need to read some good walkthroughs that explain code in hopes I understand what I am doing.