VC064T-16 16x32 Matrix control Anyone?

Hi all, i have recently aquired 4 off 16x32 dual colour LED Matricies from a clearance,

The datasheet shows the control chip to be from Vissem but little else,

There is a timing sheet that shows the control to be Via Serial Data, and Address A0 to A3, maybe a BCD?

Has anyone ever used one? o know of some libraries i could adapt? there seems to be very little info on the web

many thanks to all


I've seen these on eBay recently and they are a tempting buy. There is a YouTube video showing someone using with an ATMega128 but I can't turn up any code examples at all.

no i seem to be at a loss with it too, im not advanced enough to understand how to control them looking at the timing chart on the datasheet

I will have to keep digging