vertical vs horizontal on serial monitor

There is a little piece of code below that I keep expecting will print with a carriage return (println) but does not. It just rolls on to the right on the serial monitor. Anyone know why?

#define ARRAYSIZE 26

String results[ARRAYSIZE] = {
"November 29"
"November 30"
"December 1"
"December 2"
"December 3"
"December 4"
"December 5"
"December 6"
"December 7"
"December 8"
"December 9"
"December 10"
"December 11"
"December 12"
"December 13"
"December 14"
"December 15"
"December 16"
"December 17"
"December 18"
"December 19"
"December 20"
"December 21"
"December 22"
"December 23"
"December 24"};

void setup()
  for (int i = 0; i < ARRAYSIZE-1; i++) Serial.println(results[i]);

void loop()


String literals placed side-by-side are concatenated ... That is, "Hello," " world!" yields the (single) string "Hello, world!".

You forgot to add commas between each string literal in your array, so what you ended up with is an array with a single element of all the string literals concatenated together.

And your for() loop terminates before printing the last element. Testing for less than ARRAYSIZE.

Thanks, gents. It's going well now.



You're welcome. I'm glad to hear it's working now. Enjoy! Per