very simple DMX controller with arduino


I need to hide some fog machines in the forest, and to put them to throw fog automatically. I have a very basic fog machine and it has a controller with an on-off button, and nothing else, so if I want to be able to throw less fog, I have to use a dmx controller, and there is no way I can make interruptions with this machine, so I though I might be able to do all this with an arduino.

this is the fog machine:

this is the dmx controller that I have:

When using this fog machine with this controller, I pull up the master to the maximum, and control how much fog comes out with the fader 1.

What do you think would be the easiest attempt for this project?

You should be able to do that with a DMX shield and software (and the Arduino). See [u]this page[/u].

I assume the user manual for the fog machine has a list/chart of DMX commands?

will check it out and come back with the results

here is the manual:

I built a circuit as explained in

and upload the following code to an arduino micro:

#include <DmxSimple.h>

void setup() {

void loop() {
    DmxSimple.write(1, 100);

I dont see I made a mistake in the circuit. Is there something missing in the code?

I know you cant see much, but this is my configuration:

here is the manual:

So, it’s pretty straightforward. There’s only one channel/command… Makes sense… Set the fog-output between zero and maximum by sending 0-255 to channel 1 (at the address of the machine).

…I’ve never used DMX so I don’t know what the actual command looks like, and it probably depends on the library you’re using (assuming you’re using a library).

I am using dmxsimple and my code is posted in post#3

so far, it is not working...