Vidor pin assignment document

Where is the pin assignment document for arduino vidor? In VidorTestSketch example A0 pin is used as GPIO pin the following way:

  FPGA.pinMode(33, OUTPUT);
  FPGA.digitalWrite(33, HIGH);

  // The same pin can be read by the SAMD processor :)
  pinMode(A0, INPUT);
  Serial.print("Pin A0 is ");
  Serial.println(digitalRead(A0) == LOW ? "LOW" : "HIGH");

  FPGA.digitalWrite(33, LOW);
  Serial.print("Pin A0 is ");
  Serial.println(digitalRead(A0) == LOW ? "LOW" : "HIGH");

It is set as output with parameter 33 and later read with parameter A0 which is terribly inconsistent. How are the rest of the pins used? In another post they were stated as "company secret" half a year ago but still no sign of such document.

That should explain something but it's not much.

You are right that this need more documentation. In github there are some nice documents about IP block but top level documents is missing. OK that can change by bitfile what is in use.

I think most who are using Vidor's FPGA are creating their own IP and use direct connections from IP to pins or they are just using arduino part as usb blaster and doing direct FPGA development.

long ago i made a pin assignment list for the fpga to the arduino and the other connectors on the board

i link it here

Arduino MKR Vidor 4000 Pinmapping.pdf (102 KB)

@Tempest15 Thank you for your contribution.

However, I have found your pdf with a google search earlier. It does help if you are doing pin mapping for the FPGA and as much can be read from the schematics actually provided while it is annoying though. Still it does not explain reasoning behind why are pins read and set by the microcontroller as they are in the example.