Viewing Products

I was wondering why they do not list compatible / recommended products when viewing the project page for instance will the Arduino Leonardo plug into the Arduino Ethernet Shield or would the Arduino Micro plug into the Arduino Ethernet Shield?

What devices are most closely compatible?

I want to do web server over a wired Ethernet and over wifi what would be the best devices to do this with?

The Arduino Yun has Ethernet and wifi, but that is controlled by the linux/OpenWRT. The Arduino microcontroller ATmega32U4 does not call the normal Ethernet or wifi functions.

The most common is the Arduino Uno with Ethernet Shield. That will run out of memory very quick, so the Arduino Mega 2560 with Ethernet Shield is the next step.
I have my Arduino Mega 2560 with Ethernet Shield running continuously.

I think a Yun is a similar price to an Uno plus Ethernet shield and the Yun is very much more powerful.

I suspect the problem with your (excellent) idea for listing compatible products is simply that there are so many, and no central authority to keep track of them.