Virtual Wire and Servo library are not friends?

Hey Guys,

I have two arduino boards, one transmitting and one receiving messages using the Virtual Wire library. I also have gotten one of the boards driving a servo with the Servo library.

When I tried to get the board that is receiving messages to also run a servo at the same time, the board stopped receiving messages.

Is it impossible to use the Virtual Wire library at the same time as the Servo library? Do they conflict?


I'm with the same problem. Maybe they use the same timers.
Any suggestions?

Same problem. They are having some sort of conflict in the code, something about a vector, I went in the code and tried to fix it a bit, but that would always make it not work all together. I'm thinking of trying out an older version, or maybe just controlling the servos manually.


Have you tried the SoftwareServo library?
I'm still writing the code, but so far it is compiling...