vnh2sp30 monster shield


I want to make a wheelchair controller.but I try in my arduino tank first. power is 4 AA battery and motors are tank motors.I use its shield and combined them.there is only one joystick in the analog pins and 5v gnd standart.

when I connect the power, the light of power starts to work. but motors and their lights doesn t work.

whats is its problem?


You will have to provide us with better information.
A wiring diagram. Pencil, paper and a camera are just fine.
Pics of the actual project often help.

Here is a handy image guide to help you post the images.

Oh, code. Post your code. Use code tags.

Google cannot find a datasheet for "tank motors". We need an actual part number and, much better, a link to a datasheet for the motors you have.

You know the shield needs a separate connection for power? Usually you would run it on 12V.

I though tank motors were 5000 hp diesel engines :slight_smile:

Which arduino tank chassis? What are the motors? What exactly is "its shield"?

Please give full details of all the hardware so we know what you have...

my tank is ussr t34 from WWII :smiley: :smiley: this is arduino tank :smiley: simple tank pls.

it has a photo shield — ImgBB

and arduino tanks HC06-Arduino RC Tank Android Kontrol - YouTube

code is from

HC06-Arduino RC Tank Android Kontrol - YouTube

In what way is that a datasheet?

A photo and a video both without identifiable part numbers? That's not exactly useful to us.
We need the website link with the datasheet or other product information - as much information
as possible.

And what motors? We definitely need to know about the motors.

"Please give full details of all the hardware so we know what you have..." that doesn't mean a few scraps.

ok. I change my question.

when are motor's leds active? there is only one led [power led] works.and motors don t start to work

The LEDs on the Sparkfun shield work best when your power supply is 12V. They should be visible with 4AA's as the power supply. The LEDs are directly across the motor output terminals (with resistors) so they should always indicate the state of the output.

yes. when I change my power, it works!!!

the problem is voltage of power