Voice Recognition Module V3 Blinking light


I’m new here so forgive me if I’m posting this in the wrong section. I’m working on a voice activated Ironman helmet for my grandson and I’m using the Elechhouse Voice Recognition Module V3. I bought several modules and I can get them to work on a breadboard. I had a custom circuit board made to fit inside the helmet and everything looks like it’s the same as the breadboard. On the breadboard the VR has a fast blinking LED and everything works great for all of the modules. When I plug them in to the circuit board one of the VR modules still blinks fast and works but with the other two modules the LED blinks very slowly and doesn’t work at all. All of the other components are the same.

Can someone explain to me what the slow blinking LED means? Also, why would all of them work on the breadboard and only one of them work on the circuit board? I have searched around and can’t find anything on this particular problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You


I have checked all of the connections on the circuit board and everything looks good so I don't believe it's a soldering issue. I would think if it's a layout or soldering issue then none of them would work at all on the circuit board but one of them works perfectly. If I had a couple of bad VR modules then they shouldn't work on the breadboard but all 3 of them work fine. I have deduced that a fast blinking LED on the VR means everything is good. A solid lit LED means it isn't communicating with the micro controller. I just can't figure out what a slow blinking LED means. If I could just figure out what a slow blinking LED means it would go a long way to figuring out what the problem is. I have emailed elechouse but they never got back to me.

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