Voice recognition v3

Hi, I just want to ask it's possible to combine two voice recognition V3 module ? How is the way? Because now I'm working on a project that need to recognize 10 commands at the same time. But one module can only recognize 7 commands at the same time. Please suggest me. Thanks

Each module needs a serial port. If you use a board with a spare HARDWARE serial port, like Leonardo/Micro/MEGA you can use the hardware port for one module and SoftwareSerial for another. That will avoid the problem of only one SoftwareSerial port being able to receive at a time.

How about Arduino

Hi @peterjin,

Leonardo/Micro/MEGA are Arduino boards. Why one of these should be used instead of an Uno or Nano, is that they all have an extra serial port. So instead of just RX and TX, there is RX0, TX0, RX1, and TX1.

Sorry. I should have said:
If you use an Arduino board with a spare HARDWARE serial port, like the Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Micro, or Arduino MEGA 2560, you can use the hardware port for one module and SoftwareSerial for another.

Unfortunately, you would not be able to use the elechouse VoiceRecognitionV3 library which is designed to use only SoftwareSerial:

class VR : public SoftwareSerial {
	VR(uint8_t receivePin, uint8_t transmitPin);

So, it is impossible to me to use Arduino UNO to use the same TX and RX together for both module?

Ok noted. And another question from me is that is voice recognition V3 use HM2007 chip?

Yes. That is not possible.

Ok then i guess need to use Arduino Mega to do so in order to communicate with two module. Because one module only can recognize 7 commands. I need to works with 10 commands. So, I need to use two am I right? Or have another way to solve it.

10 commands which is digit 0 to digit 9

If you are using any of the boards in one of my previous post, you do not need two, because each of those boards already has two serial ports. If you are using a MEGA, you only need one.

I see. Thanks for the information. So, Arduino mega will be able to works with one recognition module to deal on 10 commands it's ?

By the way, what is the recognition chip use to built voice recognition V3? I can't find the details information.

An Arduino Mega will work with two separate voice recognition modules on two separate serial ports that are builtin. So if you use a Mega, you will be able to do 10 commands using two voice recognition modules on one Mega.

Which voice recognition module is it? Elechouse V3 Voice Recognition Module?

Yes correct

Alright noted with thanks

This might help:

I see. This is just the tutorial right? But I need to know the theory behind this module like what chip used, detection method, recognition method, decoder and so on. Its possible to find so?

Here is the data sheet:

Im not sure you can find out much more info about this module besides what is in there.

One more question from me, if I'm using serial port method to communicate between arduino and elechouse V3. Does it solve 10 commands problem?