Voltage, Current and Power monitor extension board

I was looking around for such a extension board and because I couldn't find it I build it :slight_smile:

If you want to quickly add to your project Voltage, Current and Power monitoring capabilities, plus, as a bonus, a proper hardware RTC with integrated Alarm and Timer functions, this might be the extension board that you was looking for:

The modular design will let you to easy connect it and use it with any MCU you want as long as it has I2C bus capabilities and is working in the 3-5.5V voltage range. That includes all the popular existing platforms like Arduino, PIC, ARM, Atmega, ESP8266 and many more!

Original Article about: SmartMon v2.7 Extension Board - Voltage, Current, Power monitor - P1

As I have few extras, made it also available on Tindie: SmartMonv2.7Ex - Power monitor for your Projects from NextEVO on Tindie

Happy breadboarding!

Part 2 of the SmartMon v2.7ex series.

This time we are exploring the Real Time Clock implementation and we will see how easy or complicated is to set & program the onboard RTC Clock:

Because of the amount of the information, the related main Videos and Articles are splitted in 4 Parts, as follow:

Part1 - General view
Part2 - Real Time Clock driver example
Part3 - Power Monitor software example (will follow)
Part4 - Real World example with Thinkspeak data upload (will follow)

Finally Part 3 is here: INA219 Driver and software implementation example

Original article: http://www.esp8266-projects.com/2017/03/smart-mon-ext-board-software-example-p3.html