Voltage regulator controlled by Arduino

Hello everyone,

On my project, I'm using a pressure sensor, like this one.

Now, depending on the pressure received by the sensor, I need to regulate a voltage. In this case, I have a 12v battery, and I need as output voltage of the regulator a voltage that ranges between 12v and 15v, depending on the pressure. The more pressure the sensor gets, the less voltage I want to have as output of the regulator. As an example, if I work with a pressure range of 1-2 atmospheres: for 1 atm, I would need 15v as output, and for 2 atm I would need a output voltage of 12v, and the range in between just to behave linearly.

I've used step-up voltage regulators that have to be configured manually, but I don't know if there is any voltage regulator that can be controlled via arduino. Is there any way to do what I need for this project?

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The arduino can output PWM which, if you use a mosfet or similar can drive a higher voltage. I guess you have 2 basic parts;

  1. sensor data in to arduino
  2. map the sensor value to an output to achieve required voltage

There are such things as electronically controlled potentiometers also which could control the output of a regulator. It does depend on how much current you need at the specific voltage level.

Generally best to post what your actual goal is rather than the step you think you need to resolve. I.e why do you want to do that?? Post more info, schematics, code, etc

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Thank for your reply, @pmagowan.

I need that voltage to create a feedback. This voltage controls a pump which creates the pressure in the first place. I want to set a ideal pressure, and I want the system to stabilize on that pressure. So, I will need the pump to work less if the pressure gets higher than needed, and I would need it to work more if the pressure is lower, so it gets stabilized.

The battery I'm going to use is a motorcycle 12v battery, but I don't know how much current the pump would draw from it, but I guess I need something capable of bear a good amount of power.

Most likely you need a current regulator to control the pump i.e. a MOSFET and flyback diode and all that driven by PWM. You also may need a 15V source (step up converter) strong enough for you pump. The PID then calculates the right PWM duty cycle from the current pressure.

You should know your pump currents for ordering the right step up converter and MOSFET.

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