"wall-e" with 4 motors

Hello, I'm a young Italian student, I hope not to have the wrong section. I need urgent help for a small project. I'm going to build a robot-like wall-e. premise that I have little experience, I could use the code to perform these functions:
use two motors to make the robot walk
use two stepper motors to move the two arms of the robot
use ultrasonic sonar.
all using a remote control and IR sensor.

I own:
(1) Arduino one
(2) motor shield
(1) shield robot
(1) breadboard
(2) motors
(2) stepper motors
(1) IR sensor (8220-IR38DM)
smartphone to control the robot with ir

I apologize for this request and for my bad english

Your English is much better than my Italian.

I do not see how anyone can help you write code for undefined motors and undefined mechanisms. However, if you want code written for you, please go to the "Gigs and Collaborations" section and bring your wallet.

The Programming Questions section works best when you provide your own code, and you explain what the code does versus what you want it to do.

Good Luck!