Wanted: suggestions for controlling an aquarium

Hello there fellow internet users.

a friend and I thought it would be neat to set up an automatic aquarium using a micro controller, and gravitated toward the Ardunino Uno, which we bought. As we started to really look into it, we realized we have no idea what we are doing. At all. My friend is very familiar with electronics and aquariums, and I'm a moderate python programmer (nothing to fancy). But when we start getting into shields and sensors and all that good stuff, we're lost. I have the board, the cord, and the drivers installed, I understood the java that got the light to blink, and started messing around with it, but I have no idea where to progress from there. Help? please?


if you wrote a sketch in java I would be impressed. arduino are programmed in c++....

I would say start out with a plan on what you want the final product to do. them once you have an idea of the final build you can come nack and say.

"I have an arduino uno and would like to set up an automatic aquarium that would............................. What would everyone recommend to get this project started?"

you have to know what you wa t to accomplish before you start with anything else or you will work yourself in circles usually.

First, edit your original post, and change the subject line from "Complete noob starting out, need help PLEASE" to something more useful, like "Wanted: suggestions for controlling an aquarium". Then more people are likely to read the thread, for example, people with knowledge of aquariums will notice the keyword "aquarium".

Then Google "arduino aquarium projects" again. You did do that first, didn't you? Get some ideas there. Clarify what you want, and see if the posts there help you out. If not, post a more specific question.

Reading material:


Well, that would being in C++ would explain a lot. sorry about that, memory lapse. And yes, I did google it before hand, but I'm not a google guru and didnt think of the syntax used in the "reading material", thanks! Ill research more into C++ (I tried to stay away from it before, oh well) and look around for some examples. Still, any help you guys can offer is very much appreciated. Ill get a full list of the features we want in the aquarium, and post that soon. Thanks again!