Warning for Cadsoft Eagle users ...

Just a heads up for people that use Eagle CAD for their stuff (I know quite a few here use it). Autodesk purchased Cadsoft a while back and unfortunately, their new model starting with version 8 is the ransomeware (monthly subscription) model. You quit paying, it quits working. The latest version (I think you can still find it in the hobby version etc.) is version 7.7 Sorry to see it go that way.

Guess I'll stick with 7.7 then.

See http://hackaday.com/2017/01/19/autodesk-moves-eagle-to-subscription-only-pricing/
And Dave (EEVblog) has a nice rant EEVblog #965 - The (Autodesk) Eagle Has Crashed - YouTube

The Free version i still free (for now…)

Long life KiCad :smiley:

May impact some. I don't expect any impact to my Pro 7.7 License. They're not coming in to my PC to disable anything.

@CrossRoads (Robert)

Does the software every ‘phone home’? to ensure its still valid at all? (if you know)

If so… all AutoDesk will need to do is take down their auth servers… (and dead in the water. I have seen in happen in the past with other companies/software)

I’m not sure who thought this was a good idea… but it will probably kill at least 50% of their user base IMMEDIATELY… and push everyone to KiCAD…

and going forward… I doubt people will even think of it as an option anymore. If people can try/use it to get comfortable with it… and then find themselves wanted to buy a license… there will not be many NEW users either.

I dont think they care much about the individual, or hobbyist anymore… and only care about the bigger/corporate lic. business model.

Its a shame… I have only ever used Eagle. I’m not too motivated to try and learn KiCad… but I guess I have no choice! lol

I don't believe up through version 7 "phones home" (but I'm not sure). You do have to jump through a couple of hoops when installing it, but that is reasonable and I had no problem with that. It is unfortunate - I had purchased a number of the earlier hobby versions of Eagle (which is all my wife will let be buy).

Under Help, there is a Check for Updates. I just opened 7.7.0 Ultimate. It did not check (it is set to check for updates weekly). I selected Check for Update, it said my version is up to date. I turned off weekly check for updates just in case.

Well, this is unfortunate. I have been using PCB Creator from Bay City for awhile now, and I find it easy to navigate through. I thought I would switch over to Eagle and give it a go. I downloaded and installed it, but just opening it and trying to accomplish anything wasn't going to happen. I need to sit and read through the tutorials if I'm expecting to do anything. If they are going to do something stupid with older versions, I'm not really wanting to waste my time learning it. I downloaded it maybe a month ago.

Than maybe don't spend time on Eagle and grab KiCad now you still have to learn?

septillion: Than maybe don't spend time on Eagle and grab KiCad now you still have to learn?

I have KiCad on the RasPi, but since I've only been a Windows user, there is a harsh learning curve there too. Like I said, I've been using PCB creator for some time now. I find it more intuitive than my initial go at Eagle. Fairly decent libraries, making pads and footprints for oddball stuff isn't difficult either. Only thing it won't do is export a .png.

I'm in the market for a new laptop, since right now mine has a broken screen (using external monitor), the spacebar is non-op (using wireless keyboard), and since it is jammed in the corner, add in a wireless mouse as well. When I find one I like, perhaps I will grab KiCad on it. I'm just not in a hurry to get a windows 10 machine. Maybe I'll just remove the screen, put a usb hub on it and then just staple it to the wall....

They did the same with AutoCAD last year. I will not be upgrading to AutoCAD version 2018! angry looking face!


@tinman13kup, KiCad has a fine Windows version as well.

And as far as Windows 10. Under the hood it's by far the best Windows ever. But yeah, Microsoft is a bit pushy and it likes to know everything about you. But you can turn that off. Running something like Anti-Beacon of Destroy Windows 10 Spying is an easy way. But he, no out-of-the-box OS is perfect :)

And as far as Windows 10. Under the hood it’s by far the best Windows ever. But yeah, Microsoft is a bit pushy and it likes to know everything about you.

Looks like I might not have a choice. As for the “likes to know everything about you”, that seems to be everyone now. Problem is, they have a hard time keeping the info to themselves, or keeping it secure. I get a kick out of Yahoo trying to get my cell number “just in case I forget my password”, and they will keep it secure…HAHAHAHAHA!! They’ve been hacked so many times EVERYONE knows my password, but they DON’T know my cell number.


Although changes are a bit smaller with Yahoo (because, who uses Yahoo :roll_eyes: ) but if somebody you know added your phone number to there Yahoo address book Yahoo already knows your phone number. They just don't make it pop up for you because that whould freak you out (and it would violate the not sharing with third party thing). So in this world it's a myth Google and Facebook don't have your number even if you never gave it to them ;)

But really, give Windows 10 (after the tweaks) a try. As an OS it's fast, efficient and responsive. Better then all before at least. And a hell lot better then Windows 8 :p But what wasn't (except for mayyyyyybe Windows ME :p)

I'll be stuck with the preloaded win10. I still remember Win 3.1 a resisting Win 95. Went to XP and win 7 (this computer). My other laptop is XP, and it is in bad shape too (no "d"), intermittent "i".

Just need to wait until I get to the big city, as all that is around here is Walmart.


And then there’s me as a KiCAD user.

Hopefully, now more people will switch over, so there will be even more support with PCB manufacturers and libraries.

Don't plan on me switching over.

PCB manufacturers don't care, they just need good Gerber files, whatever the source. Does Kicad import eagle libraries? If not, why not?

I'm going to try some small boards on KiCAD, but am angry and that is not the best sort of new user.

Been looking at some of the KiCAD tutorials, and can see it is going to be some time before I am productive. I need to look at how it does scripts, I never used the Eagle scripts so I don't know why I care but if KiCAD has a Python interface that may be a nice happy pill to offset the pain.

I'm just planning on keeping my current non-current version of Eagle. I do so little PCB stuff lately, it's not really worth learning a different system at this point, and I'm not giving AutoDesk any of my money until they deserve it.

I was looking at all the programs on the hard drive and discovered I actually installed Eagle some time ago, and then again recently. I have both 7.6 and 7.7.

Maybe I will mess around with it this weekend...maybe. I'm trying to wrap my head around digital and code. I learned analog, and I'm trying to stop using analog means for digital solutions. I should have stuck with my Commodore Vic 20 and figured it out back then.