Water + drainol + aluminum = Power Source?

Kid's are (on a safety note, this can be quite explosive...) currently using these 3 ingredients to make small explosives that are maiming kid's limbs, hands and mainly fingers.... so if you see a plastic bottle that looks suspicious, avoid it!

Video1: What can happen. (how to make)

Video 2: How to harness this energy?...

i was thinking some kind of small hydrogen to electric, to power an arduino remotely for a few ??? i dunno how much hence why i'm here lol

infact, using the 2nd method, you could get a bigger balloon and have it take off ?

Two stage reaction would be ridiculously inefficient, it would make more sense - if the chemistry was suitable - to use aluminium directly as a battery electrode.

The problem with our use of aluminium is the immense amount of electricity required to refine it in the first place.

The reason the balloon will not float is not so much the purity of the hydrogen, but that there is too much weight of rubber. And of course, rubber balloons leak hydrogen in a few hours. A hydrogen generator and (two, decent sized) balloons was part of the "Gibson Girl" EPIRB system back around WWII.

The ones out playing forest fire don't need any new ideas, but they'll find them.
The kid with the balloon needs to pass chemistry just as the first step.

You won't get near out what got put in even if you used cheaper aluminum and acid. Or zinc, or iron, etc.
More coal-equivalent got used making pure metal than you can get out burning it.
You're better off burning coal and better than that using green energy, even wood.