Waterproof push buttons?

Can anyone give advice on waterproof buttons?

I'm making a shower timer with an arduino nano and a 12 pixel neopixel ring, which I expect to have 3 or 4 buttons on it. Clear lidded waterproof boxes are easy to come by, but how can I waterproof the buttons? While it will not be submersed in water, I need to account for splashes, steam and children.

Ebay is full of 12mm car dash waterproof buttons. They are pretty chunky and likely to increase the overall size of the needed enclosure. The only other thing I have been able to find is some standard looking micro buttons from China, which claim to be waterproof, but I can't think of how to actually install these in a box:

The only other thing I can think of is to use standard push buttons and a action camera case like this one:

Making the buttons line up and stay rigid enough so the board they are on does not move, while maintaining sufficient space for a nano, the neopixel ring and a battery seems like a challenge!

Any other ideas?

Stick with waterproof flexible membrane switches.


Thanks for that. Until I did a bit of searching I was not aware of them as an option.

Not many of the ones listed specifically said waterproof, but the low cost for a 4 button panel makes it worth while doing some potentially destructive testing.

Lots of folks make washdown capable keypads.

IP67 info