WayinTop NRF24L01+ using RF24 Library

Has anyone who tried these transceivers modules with the RF24 Library and worked for him by any chance? Mine has PA/LNA from WayinTop on Amazon. I thought that my transceivers needed capacitors on the VCC and Ground pins but it doubt it very much since I made it to work on an old Library that is called mirf, which is provided by the tutorial that was written in the description. This is my first time trying to get transceivers work on Arduino and I'm in need of a help right now because time is short. My main aim is to use the RF24 Library for Audio transmission.

Yep they work for me.

And as expected the examples in the RF24 library work too ......

Is it the same one from WayinTop on Amazon? Did you struggle with it until you got it to work? Because I lose hope making it work with RF24..

They look the same.

What happens when you try them ?

I installed RF24, tried GettingStarted from the Examples and set the correct pin definitions and installed both programs to both transceivers. I opened to interfaces of arduino IDE so I can check serial manager for both but all i get is transmission failed. It's frustrating to know what is the root problem here. I don't think it's a hardware problem still

Since the 'GettingStarted' example worked for me, it would suggest that you do indeed have a hardware problem.

It would normally be the case that examples published with a library do actually work.

Well how come it is a hardware problem when an old library can establish communication between transceivers ?

Robin2's simple rf24 tutorial is what I used to get my rf24 radios to work. There is a sketch (see reply #30) to test the physical wired connection between the radio module and its processor.

The number one problem with those radios is getting enough current for them to work. I use a dedicated 3.3V regulator (supplied from the 5V rail) for each radio module. Like these adapters.

Indeed so.

Mine dont work with Robin2's tutorial or the NRF24 examples unless the power supplies are decent.

I just measured the current between Gnd(RF) and Gnd(Nano): 13 - 16 mA on receiving and 30 mA on transmitting (Using the old library Mirf).. How do I know if the current is sufficient? Apparently on github they said that peak current for transmission is 115 mA and 45 mA for receiving... Am I measuring them right?


Is this the regulator that you are currently using?

Many people say that they have success with putting a 10uF cap across the radio supply, as close to the radio module as possible.

Over the years I have seen all kinds of estimates of the current required for the RF24 radios. 300mA and more for the max side. Perhaps more for the external antenna modules. That is why I always use a homemade version of the adapter that I linked. They might be overkill, but they work and they work every time and I get good range.

Edit: The downside of those adapters is that they come with the headers installed so will not fit in a breadboard. That is one reason that I make my own.

I did a 100 uF on them both... Even on 5V supply but no luck sadly... Do you suggest me that i get a different regulator? than this one in the photo i posted above?

The homemade version that I use only real difference is the way that the headers are installed and I use through hole capacitors. So those modules are very close to what I use and should work fine.

Have you tried the connection sketch in Robin2's tutorial to confirm the physical wiring of the radio modules to their processors.

What Arduino boards are you using?

I'm using Arduino Nano with the Old bootloader. I also tried it on uno but it also does not work. I didn't use Robin2's sketch but I used the pin numbers provided in the examples in RF24 library.. CE 7 , CSN 8, MOSI 11, MISO 12, SCK 13.... And for your info the program was able to read receiving and transmitting addresses for both transceivers..

I have some good news.. I attached the VCC directly to the 5v output of the arduinos and measured the current. the currents were upped a lot more than they were used in the regulator.. apparently the regulator they provided is terrible for transmission. so i will try to buy a new voltage regulator... do you recommend me to buy AMS1117? or what kind of voltage regulator you want me to buy?

Cannot work out what you have connected, can you provide a schematic of all the connections ?

I have the same schematic as the right one with arduino nano except that I have a 3.3v regulator which is attached to the 5v input from the arduino to the VCC... when i removed the regulator and attached the VCC to 5v directly it worked.. because as I said before the supplying current provided by the regulator was too low..

And what do you mean by 'the VCC' pin ?

The VCC pin on the NRF24 ?

Yes the VCC pin of the NRF24 made it work